Free Changeable-Words - Group 35

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239 - The truly brave men make happy all the world. 8(1)
240 - They work idly and didn't guess the conundrum. 6(1)
241 - In the isolation Buddha felt the great beauty. 10(3)
242 - Add the tiny diacritical mark. 6(1)
243 - My supply of money is in a secret chamber. 6(1)
244 - For have badly driven, he should blush. 6(2)
245 - Abrupt scene, lacking in expression. 6(2)


Each line cointains one word-game. After the end of each text is marked the quantity of letters of its two words that are the answer. Within the parenthesis is the position of the letter to be changed, in the first answer, to result the second one. So, the solution is a couple of words. It is possible create Multi-Changeable-Words. P. ex., with these seven words: fight - light - might - night - right - sight - tight. 5(1)

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