Changeable Words - 16

Original Vocabulary Game


Every solution is in the line below its respective word game, in white color. Drag the mouse after the colon to find the answer.

106 - They work with a taper during a blackout. 6(1)


107 - Prayer, labor and study are basic in the jail. 6(1)


108 - The preceding owner was that grower. 6(2)


109 - Respite that decision and recover your calm. 8(3)


110 - Ungrounded is this system, and unprofitable. 8(1)


111 - Cede some rights and keep that which mean. 6(4)


112 - Close at hand is a good chance, generally. 6(5)


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In every numbered line you have one word game (changeable Words). In the game's line you see two words or expressions in blue. You have to find a synonym or equivalent for each one, knowing that these two answers only differ in one letter.

After the end of each text is marked the quantity of letters of its two words that are the answer. Within the parenthesis is the position of the letter to be changed, in the first answer, to result the second one. So, the solution is a couple of words.

It is possible create Multi-Changeable-Words. P. ex., with these seven words: fight - light - might - night - right - sight - tight. 5(1)

In the Thesaurus System

The clues use not only direct synonyms but also utilize analogies, many times, like in the Thesaurus dictionaries system. This way the mental work becomes interesting, less mechanical, occupying one more vast field. The tracks are judiciously selected to offer not almost the answer, however unveiling it a little bit.

These word games can be deciphered with a help of a good Thesaurus Dictionary, individually or in a school group or at your home.

Exclusive and original in English

These word games can increase the sensitivity to the language with fun. An intuitive vocabulary method for students, teachers and schools. Each one of the works was carefully planned, constructed and revised. This website is beeing pioneer in the world, presenting this kind of educational pastime, in this organized form, for the first time in English, in all the Web. Enjoy these word games with your friends!


All "Changeable Words" by Euro Oscar.