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The Euro Oscar site is holistic and educational. Ten thousand pages, mostly in Portuguese. Videoclasses, interactive educational word games, in Portuguese, English and bilingual. Part of them, in Java and Flash, is no longer compatible with several browsers and smartphones. Euro expects to be able to adapt them when there is more time left.

English is indispensable nowadays, and the author of the website states that many would like to improve in that language, but do not have the time or money for a course. Euro offers hands-on subtitled video lessons.

A crossword and word games creator, Brazilian champion at age 18, Euro one day assumed that the biggest puzzles were real-life ones such as cancer cure; if there is life after death; mysteries and secrets of health. He studied a lot and said that he understood the causes of diseases well.

From 1996 to 2001 he distributed his booklets on thousands of buses from São Paulo, with lectures. From wanting to help others, he almost ended up in a homeless situation. To survive, he sold poetry. But he wrote his book, "Health and Nutrition for the 21st Century," with "new paradigms," which "revolutionize many traditional teachings," he says enthusiastically.

In early 2003 he started the educational and ethical variety website. Until 2008 he was a leader in Google - until they changed the algorithm - such as Crossword Master and Crosswords Master, ahead of the champions in the English language of all the world. The New York Times hobbies editor Will Shortz put two links to Euro Word Searches and Changeable Words on his famous site

The site covers ethnic music and dances, integral health, vegetarian recipes, poetry, parables, wisdom, mysteries, hundreds of pictures. "Everything free, for everyone." Euro would like to have sponsorships to expand the site and update the book on health and nutrition for everyone. His income as an autonomous does not provide even the most basic needs. He creates and reviews texts and sites and also looks for opportunities, but in a place where the people show good manners. He reveals that this sensitivity is what has made it difficult.

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